“It isn’t often that you can work with a small firm that can provide the scope of services, strategic thinking and organizational impact like Blue Skies. They are true partners committed to the success of their clients. Business results and client satisfaction are paramount for Blue Skies. They are a great resource.”
– Steve Bratspies
Executive Vice President of Merchandising, Walmart


“Blue Skies does three things really well:

  • Strong Strategic Thinking – always consumer grounded, but also able to mold strategies to work within company and system parameters when necessary. Rare ability to leverage backgrounds in Marketing, Insights, and Sales across projects
  • Ability to drive a project forward with limited interaction – don’t need a lot of hand-holding
  • Top notch customer service – they are exceptionally responsive and equipped to handle “fire drills”

I highly recommend Blue Skies.”
– Greg Lyons
Vice President of Marketing, PepsiCo


“Blue Skies was instrumental in developing a comprehensive innovation strategy for our team. They provided us with an in-depth understanding of our consumer target, identified innovation opportunities, created guiding principles for brand and product development, and recommended specific go-to-market strategies.
Their consumer insights expertise, analytical rigor, and strategic thinking were a powerful combination. In addition, they are extremely collaborative and easy to work with! Their recommendations have set the agenda for all of our ongoing innovation.”
– Linda Bethea
Marketing Innovation, Frito Lay

“Thank you for the terrific job you did for us last spring. I suspect that the only thing harder than herding cats is herding college professors, and you were wonderful at getting us thinking beyond our own self-centered research agendas, helping us figure out who we are and what we want to be as a department, and how to reach our collective goals (and measure our progress along the way). As you know, our strategic plan is still unfolding, but already it’s paid real dividends in our discussions here on campus with our administration. Thanks so much.”
– David J. Meltzer
Chair of Department of Anthropology, Southern Methodist University
Henderson-Morrison Professor of Prehistory


“The Elemental Thinking Workshop was a powerful way for my team to come together and focus on the future. Not only did Blue Skies help us really determine what were the critical components to our success and the barriers to achieving our goals but they also helped us to create a roadmap and action plan for driving towards our vision. Their techniques not only got us all on the same page but allowed us to unify and become a stronger team. I would recommend Blue Skies and the Elemental Thinking Workshop for any team wanting to unleash the power of their team dynamics to drive business growth.”
– Christine Kalvenes
Vice President of Innovation, Frito Lay

“Blue Skies exceeded my expectations. While I have sometimes felt disappointed with the results of consulting engagements, Blue Skies delivered on all the project objectives and then some. The work was on time, on budget, fact-based, and strategically oriented. I would definitely recommend them.”
– Joe Bybel
Vice President of Marketing, ConAgra Food Company

“We engaged Blue Skies shortly after we acquired Walls Industries. Because the findings were to be used with both customers and investors we turned to Blue Skies due to their impeccable credentials. The Blue Skies team gave valuable insights into several key areas of our business including brand equity measures and key attributes for Walls brands and key competitors, product features and benefits and new concept evaluation. However, the true value came from Blue Skies’ interpretation and explanation of the data. Their style made the complex data easily understood and actionable. On many occasions, Blue Skies went above and beyond to meet our needs. As a result, Blue Skies now functions as our market research department. In addition, we are the beneficiary of marketing expertise that would be cost prohibitive to any but the largest firms.”
– Jerry Meyer
Chairman & CEO, Valhalla Holdings, Ltd.
Chairman & CEO, Walls Industries

“Working with Blue Skies, using their Elemental Thinking Process, was insightful, rewarding and fun. It not only enabled us to develop a clear vision of where we want to go and who we want to be, but also helped us understand where & who we are now, and what we have to change to achieve that vision. The environment & exercises in the Blue Skies workshop enabled candid, thoughtful exchanges that led to the generation of a solid plan that the whole team believes in. Now we have a clear, concise roadmap to follow that we all feel great about!”
– Dorinda Savage
Innovation, WhiteWave Foods