Blue Skies offers a proprietary strategy development workshop, Elemental Thinking; as well as customized programs to focus, inspire, and empower your team.

et-logo-2013Trying to clear the fog?
So you have a new business challenge. Or a new brand that needs to make its way. Perhaps you’re heading up a new team. The vision may be clear to you, but it’s not yet tangible to your team. Endless distractions, increasing complexity, and competing agendas make it more difficult than ever to provide a clear line of sight.

Free yourself from the clutter and chaos and join us in a place of simplicity and serenity. Clear the air, revitalize your team, enable fresh thinking, and walk away aligned for action. Offered in beautiful Taos, NM or the location of your choice.

Learn to harness the elements.

“In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.”

For centuries, the majesty of nature has inspired native peoples, legendary artists, and enlightened leaders. Nowhere is that more true than in New Mexico, where stunning vistas, vast blue skies, and richly colored landscapes intertwine. It is here that ancient peoples began to draw spiritual and physical sustenance over 9,000 years ago. It is here that groundbreaking artists including Georgia O’Keeffe and Ansel Adams explored the profoundly resonant natural environments that shaped their creative legacies. And today, people from all walks of life still find inspiration in this place of serenity and strength.

When you join us in this strikingly beautiful and inspiring natural environment of New Mexico for an Elemental Thinking™ workshop, you’ll enjoy an unforgettable team experience with tangible output that readies you for action. Using the four basic elements of nature – Earth, Water, Fire, and Air – as a metaphor, our proprietary strategy development tool will enable your team to crystallize a vision, define strategic planks, agree on key imperatives, and ensure individual accountability and follow-through.

While strategy development can be inherently complex, our point of difference is our philosophy, “Simple in Nature.” We take simple, yet powerful cues from nature to focus, inspire, and empower teams to deliver rock solid strategies and tangible output.

Completely custom programs also available, either in New Mexico or another venue of your choosing.

Contact us to learn how you can apply Elemental Thinking™ to your team’s strategic challenges. See our Strategic Consulting services for more ways we can meet your needs. Check our Team/Personal Development services to learn how we may help further your personal or professional performance through customized Coaching, Training and Assessment and Development Workshops.