Look to Blue Skies Strategy to be your behind-the-scenes secret weapon to address your strategic challenges with energy, creativity, and discipline, creating compelling, actionable results that will enhance performance.

Trapped inside your calendar?
A revolving door of meetings and conference calls. Last minute presentations and conflicting priorities. Emails and fire drills. Information overload. There’s no time to think… at least not before 6:00 P.M. Sound familiar? We’ve been there.

Somehow, it seems that the most important strategic questions often don’t get the careful thought they deserve. We know that in the midst of all the daily pressures and obligations, it is hard to find that “quality think time” for those things that are vitally important, but not necessarily urgent… yet.

Let us expand your horizon.
Consider us your behind-the-scenes secret weapon. We tackle your strategic challenges with energy, creativity, and discipline. Our greatest satisfaction is in your success. We customize our output to meet your specific needs.

When you’re stretched too thin and can’t seem to get in that critical “think time” on your next big strategic challenge, look to Blue Skies. Our customized consulting services include:

Opportunity Assessment

  • Historical Research Review
  • Consumer Trend Assessment
  • Marketplace Audits / Retail Trend Analysis / Industry Interviews
  • Category and Competitive Assessment
  • Internal Evaluation
  • Basis of Interest

Consumer Understanding

  • Consumer Observation and Qualitative
  • Customized Quantitative Research
  • Need State and Consumer Segmentation
  • Iterative Qualitative Method of Benefit Bundle Development
  • Insight to Action Translation

Strategy Development & Implementation

  • Strategic Development Workshops
  • Strategic Vision Creation: Brands/Products and Companies/Teams
    • Positioning/Mission Statement
    • Strategic Plank Identification
    • Key Imperative Definition
  • Team Ownership/Accountability & Performance Measurement

Proposition Development

  • Ideation Workshops
  • Innovation Agenda Development & Prioritization
  • Concept Writing
  • Brand Identity Development
  • New Product Development & Testing
  • Product Design Briefs/Innovation Guardrails

We also partner with an experienced network of consumer and creative experts to meet a wide range of developmental needs, including copywriting, graphic design, naming, and consumer testing.

Contact us with any questions and to see how we can meet your specific needs. Check out our proprietary Strategy Development Workshops for our refreshing and unique approach to create powerful and actionable strategic plans. See our Team/Personal Development services to learn how we may help further your personal or professional performance through customized Coaching, Training and Assessment and Development Workshops.